“Margot, my family, my friends, my community helped me.

I did not do it alone.”

– Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Archbishop Desmond Tutu said these  words to me in our conversation in Cape Town, SA, when I asked him, how he kept his faith in humanity through so much brutality.

Dad Theodore Van Sluytman

Theodore’s Place is a virtual healing home for crime survivors. I have built it to honour my Father, Theodore Van Sluytman, whose vital energy for life and for living continues to infuse my life with passion, purpose, and joy.

Theodore’s  life ended in a callous and selfish act of greed, when he was murdered in an armed robbery on Easter Monday, March 27th, 1978. Those who loved him and those yet to know him, were robbed too. None of us, however, were robbed from carrying his legacy of integrity, shared-humanity, authentic fire, and love.

Theodore’s Place is founded on  Sawbonna.

~Sawbonna is  a Zulu word that means, “I see you.” Sawbonna means, “shared-humanity.”

~Sawbonna is award-winning research from Athabasca University.

~Sawbonna is a new model of restorative justice and a new social justice model.