“I believe I had to have some legitimacy before I could achieve change.”

– Tom Jackson, Activist, Musician, Actor

When Tom and I shared conversation in Calgary, AB, and we spoke about building Theodore’s Place, he told me to make a list with small steps, which I can accomplish each and every day. He suggested that I start with a virtual home for Theodore’s Place, and continue to build community because the funds for the bricks-and-mortar will follow.

Margot Van Sluytman

At the age of sixteen, leaning over my Father’s casket, the last time I would see his body on this earth, I said to him, “I promise you, Dad, your death will not be for nothing.”

My  life’s-work is keeping that promise, a promise that is intricately linked to being a voice of influence and change in Canada’s justice system, by partnering with local, national, and international colleagues and communities.

Building relationships with, for and because of Sawbonna, is foundational to my vision.

Expressions of how I do this are as follows.


Executive Director of Theodore’s Place Healing Home for Crime Survivors

Founder of The Sawbonna Project for Living Justice


Nominated by Senator Kim Pate for The Justice Canada Excellence in Victims Service Award, 2019

Alumni of Distinction Athabasca University, 2018

Premier’s Award Nominee, 2017

Alumni of Distinction Centennial College, 2016


My interviews, lectures, workshops, and keynotes are shared across Canada, and:
Cape Town, SA, The Hague, NL, London, UK, Washington, USA.

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