The dream of Theodore’s Place virtual healing home for crime survivors, is for it to metamorphose into Theodore’s Place of bricks and mortar. A healing sanctuary where we can meet. A healing sanctuary where all emotions, all ideas, all visions, passion, views, and ideas, come together, burgeoning with life-force.

Because Theodore’s Place is about  justice, is about, voice, resilience, and healing, community building is essential. Theodore’s Place community is a groaning board of expertise. No ordinary expertise.

The expertise of Theodore’s Place is embraced and offered in the crucible of Sawbonna.

And Sawbonna invites, inspires, ignites agency by creating this open table whereby companionship is the fuel that fires our passion for justice.

Justice as both lived and living experience; wherein, the heart of the intellect and the intellect of the heart informs all that we do to be the change we wish to see in the world.

At this Open Table where we break the bread of our convictions, I offer you the names of individuals, groups, associations with whom I connect and work to birth language for, from, and of the liminal. The liminal symbiotically linked with Sawbonna.

I invite you to connect with me not only for me to offer keynotes, talks, lectures, workshops, and retreats. I invite you to  connect with me to share your ideas for how we can build a stronger on-line Theodore’s Place community for justice within the crucible of Sawbonna by walking together in the limal. By challenging old “norms” and by birthing, inviting, and inspiring vastly rich possibility.

What is the liminal?

The liminal is frontier space. Uncharted land. Land of the literal and of the figurative.

How does the liminal relate to Sawbonna?

The relationship between the liminal and Sawbonna is one of creative fire. One where filling out forms and sticking with the tried-and-true challenge freedom-fighters and justice reformers to build relationships between, among, beside, and within contexts and communities that may look “incongruent” to the common expectations and relationships with justice. Sawbonna strikes out, like, Heyoka, like Raven, to find and to create more ways of meaning-making.

How does the liminal, twinned with Sawbonna, ignite Theodore’s Place?

The liminal, twinned with Sawbonna, ignites Theodore’s Place, by inviting many diverse voices, many diverse experiences, many diverse knowledge keepers to teach us, to learn with and from us, about how we can offer of what we have, from where we are.

Sawbonna is about going back to the roots. The roots of how it was, is, and will be that we as community talked, wrote, engaged, bled our very words onto the page and into each others’ ears, hearts, and minds.